Smart IOT London

21 - 22 MARCH 2018 EXCEL, LONDON

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Wherever you are on your IoT journey, Smart IoT London is the only place to be

Theatres and Topics

Digital Transformation Keynote Stream

With leading global speakers, this forum will play host to a powerful line-up of IoT and technology heavyweights as they provide insight and inquiry into this technological paradigm shift for vendors, businesses, governments and citizens.  Discussions will focus on the big issues and opportunities around monetization, business model disruption and transformation, security, governance and value chain economics.

Data Management, Integration and Warehousing & Data of Things Stream

Big data and analytics lies at the very heart of adoption of IoT across enterprises, from the largest cities, to small industries.  Yet many firms are still not in a position to use data effectively. Big data has arrived, but big insights have not. Our roster of experts will help delegates distinguish between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ data and will provide templates on how to develop new customer strategies from data analytics.

Industry 4.0

This stream will focus on the rise and true definition of the digital industrial company - those which are not just in the business of producing assets, but delivering outcomes from these assets. The audience will hear from leaders of both corporations and technology solutions in this space about how they are using the Industrial Internet of Things to capture new growth through three approaches: boosting revenues by increasing production and creating new hybrid business models; exploiting intelligent technologies to fuel innovation; and transforming their workforce.

InnOvaTe Launchpad

The Launchpad is a dedicated zone for the UK and Europe’s leading start-ups in the internet of Things. In partnership with the KTN, this Start-up Zone is set to be a hub for discovery and collaboration, attracting a diverse audience of senior decision makers from enterprise, the public sector and service providers, as well as many of the leading investor groups for this sector.

IoT Platforms, Connectivity and Device Management Stream

This is designed to help IT departments and service providers in determining how best to manage multiple applications, service middleware, CPS and SCADA platforms, manage streaming data and analytics and control devices and sensors. The stream will look at the growth of peer to peer and decentralised computing systems, which can connect many different devices and run many internet able devices that can connect remotely to each other to complete a function/task. The stream will also explore new transactional approaches including crypto-currencies and their implications for future platforms

IoT Solutions in Industry, Enterprise and Cities Stream

If you’re not thinking about the business models behind IoT, then you’re missing out. At the heart of this stream is how businesses can transform themselves by taking the raw data – from internal processes and assets, from customers and other sources -, processing this into insights and in turn creating new services and marketplaces for these.   Case studies will show how businesses across different sectors are able to provide enhanced, value-added service contracts underpinned by better intelligence.

Security of Things Stream

As IoT transforms and ultimately disrupts industries, cities and entire sectors, threats are evolving rapidly to target these data-rich, and often vulnerable new ecosystems.  The security implications of wide deployment of sensors and devices in any IoT-driven network are escalating, with each sector embedding computing and connectivity into a whole range of devices in the home, businesses, cities, cars, factories etc. Everyone faces security challenges, come and join this stream to hear from leading experts who are rising to the daily challenge of keeping threats at bay and re-assuring end-users.

Urban IoT Showcase

The programme will be delivered by city managers, business experts and academics and will be focused on bridging the knowledge gap between the complexities of technological innovation and the delivery of practical commercially viable services. The programme run across two theatres will highlight the following broad areas of service delivery:  Smart mobility;  Utilities; Building technology and connected homes; Health and wellbeing. This will include case studies on how to build and operate an efficient city data market and create supporting tools so that the value of city data can be fully utilised.

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