2020 Streams



IoT security, privacy and trust

IoT devices continue to be a prime target for cyber attacks, yet security and privacy are often overlooked. The accelerating number of cyber threats has been encouraged by the growing number of connected IoT devices, and the lack of industry-wide standards. With the adoption of IoT supporting the likes of driverless cars, smart homes and virtual assistants, it is becoming increasingly difficult to secure the sheer amount of data generated. From misinformation in hospitals to malfunctioning autonomous vehicles, the risk of attacks goes far beyond data loss and the business repercussions associated with this; people’s lives are at stake. Join the discussion on the tools and approaches to prevent this and how to drive industry standards to foster consumer trust. 

AI, automation and analytics

The convergence of IoT with AI and analytics should be top of the agenda. From digitalising the production process, reducing downtime from predictive maintenance, to the creation of new products and services; IoTs potential to drive meaningful insights from data is huge. The fusion of AI with IoT can also enhance our understanding of risks to the network and devices as well as automate the response. This sounds all well and good, but a planned approach is essential. This stream will highlight the role that these technologies can play and where the business opportunities lie so you can capitalise and conquer.

Impact of 5G, networks and connectivity

Thanks to 5G, lighting speeds are knocking at the door waiting to make our cities smarter, communities thrive and industries efficient. But is this really Utopia? 5G deployments are certainly coming online, so this stream will feature the implementation stories and the realities. We will also explore the role of other IoT networks as well as the challenges to businesses who operate in remote locations and the impact on their data costs.

Data management & integration

Dealing with the sheer abundance and acceleration of multi-source data is a huge challenge facing most organisations today. Departmentally there are different platforms used with diverse data sets, and an uptake of multi-cloud strategies to further complicate the matter. Many companies admit that they are still yet to overcome this. How do we tackle the issue of integrating organisational silos and ensure the different platforms communicate effectively? How do we make data more easily accessible and accountable for both employees and customers? With more focus on customer experience and personalisation, it is essential to have a data management layer that has strong analytics capabilities. How can we achieve this?

Role of edge

The power of IoT can truly be seen when used in conjunction with edge computing. We’re seeing high bandwidth content placed closer to the user helping to overcome latency challenges. For businesses and cities the use cases are abundant to support faster data processing and real-time information. This stream will look at how edge computing implementations are evolving and the role of MSPs to support these deployments. Also hear about the key factors when integrating AI and of course security.

Strategy, skills and leadership

The remit of IoT often is and will increasingly fall to the hands of the CIO. There is, however, a special sort of CIO needed to deliver on IoT...the CIO of Everything. This stream will cover how to embody this by adapting the company vision, decision making and capability. On that final point, capability, clearly there is also a challenge with the lack of talent. As the CIO or leader in charge, what talent do you need to orchestrate IoT? We’ll explore why having a dedicated IoT team is best, the role of IoT architects and the need for data scientists to get the best from the data. Without enough of, or the right people, organisations are likely to find this a key inhibitor to success.   


  • Healthcare 
  • Smart cities, mobility and connected buildings
  • Manufacturing, supply chain and logistics
  • Retail
  • Finance, banking and insurance
  • Society, citizens and wellbeing 
  • Energy and utilities

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    Intelligent Edge Lead, HPe
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    CTO, Arrow
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    Regional Sales Director UK & Ireland, Telit
  • "We were looking for return on investment on our stand and activities at Smart IoT, so we set our targets of how many strong contacts we needed to make at the show. The teams at Closerstill Media and KTN really got behind us and we exceeded our targets."
    CEO, SmartWorld Connect
  • "It’s our first time at the show – we’ve found it very illuminating – to see what the industry is doing and to see how fast the industry is moving. It’s enabled us to promote into new areas, into new people. And, still enabled us to have that understanding from the customer base of where Siemens is, and what we do and how we fit into the world of digitisation"
    Business Director Data Services- Siemens