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21 - 22 MARCH 2018 EXCEL, LONDON

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Wherever you are on your IoT journey, Smart IoT London is the only place to be


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What delegates and exhibitors thought of Smart IoT 2016


Smart IoT London is the natural event for Cisco and our partners: Schneider Electric, NetApp and ebb3. We participated last year on the program in 2016 and recognised the quality of the attendees. We have stated our intentions and market position with our lead sponsorship for 2017.


Smart IoT London was a success all round for KTN - numbers good, quality good and we had many meaningful discussions with new and established contacts over the 2 days. Digitization has landed and this is the premier UK event to see how and where it is going. The KTN will be back in 2017, that’s for sure. 
Richard Foggie, KTN Digital Director



We have been absolutely amazed how busy this event has been.  We’ve been overwhelmed from 9 to 5 both days. 
Paul Garner, Head of Future Business Technology Research Practice at British Telecom PLC



We don’t usually do expos in the UK, but if we do, we want good branding and good conversations. The organisers have pulled out all the stops to deliver on both fronts. We’ve had lots of high quality one-to-one meetings and sponsored a theatre. It’s a refreshing show and I’m really happy with how everything has gone.
Carole Turner, Senior Marketing Manager UK, Oracle



Having all of these shows in one place really works. We cover so many markets that the diverse audience works well for us. We’ve been very busy and had a lot of footfall to the stand – we only need one or two of these conversations to come through to make the show pay for itself. It’s been a good event.
John FitzPatrick, Sales Manager UK & Ireland, AAEON



Smart IoT was a key event for Advantech in the UK this year…….. This show will definitely be a staple within our plan for 2017.
Sara Carty, Marketing UK, Advantech


Wipro Digital

Wipro is a recognized leader in the space of Internet of Things (IoT); leveraging connected assets for transformation of enterprise business, services and processes. The IoT Practice and COE for Wipro is housed in the digital organization – Wipro Digital and is the key enabler of Wipro’s digital strategy for its customers.

Wipro has a long and rich history of IoT implementation across multiple industry verticals (Industrial Manufacturing, Healthcare OEM, Retail, O&G, Utility and Transportation) covering use-cases which bring both revenue uplift and cost optimization for the businesses.

Our membership into different industry and standards organizations like IoT M2M Council (IMC), Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), and Center for the Development and Application of Internet of Things Technologies (CDAIT) ensure we are bringing the best-of-breed solutions to our customers. Wipro has 5000+ Digital & IoT experts, including but not limited to; domain, edge engineering, security, platform, data, analytics and operations experts who bring together the capabilities to deliver end to end solutions and business value. Along with this we have around 3000+ domain experts across different industry verticals.
Suvajit De, Wipro Digital



This has been a good event for us. We’ve been really busy and got some good leads out of it. A very positive show and lots to follow up with.
Mat Boakes, Account Manager, Gemalto



You have lots of foot traffic here, Smart IoT London is optimised for stand traffic – you do an awesome job in that respect. I can see who’s new on the scene, who’s looking to exhibit etc.
R ‘Ray’ Wang, Principal Analyst and Founder, Constellation Research



Smart IoT London will help us to understand how the IoT is being applied in the real world. My role is to do with sustainability and the IoT can help us to use fewer resources and cut carbon footprints. The content has been brilliant.
Susan Schnadhorst, Senior Environmental and Sustainability Advisor, Osborne



The presentations and networking opportunities are invaluable. I’m here to understand what’s going on with IoT and what the future holds. I’m looking to set up partnerships and have spoken to all the cities at the Urban IoT Showcase.
Sarwar Khan, CEO, novo, Powered by e.on


consellation research

IoT has become a fact of daily life as consumer purchases increasingly connect, interact and customise to create new expectations, the challenge is for business to understand how to identify and harness both the extent to which their customers and market sectors are now capable of interacting with them, and that their expectations are shifting towards radical new ‘services’. IoT is more than Uber radicalising the taxi industry, its value chain interactions that embed a call to Uber in the restaurant choice on TripAdvisor with payment from your SmartPhone.

The shift to Digital Services in the hyper interconnected world of IoT is truly the most significant change to business since the advent of the PC and ERP some 25 years ago. the challenge is to see the big picture and that’s what excites about my involvement with the Smart IoT London show.
Andy Mulholland, Constellation research



IOT is an overused and little understood term, what is IOT? Pretty much anything can form part of an IOT strategy, the importance is using the intelligence this gives to drive decisions and more importantly actions for an improved outcome for passengers, customers or citizens.

I am very much looking forward to discussing with the delegates at Smart IoT london how we use the billions of daily transactions we see on our network and use this data to help transport authorities and operators to make critical decisions ranging from where to deploy a service, right through to predicting which cartridge on a train is most likely to have a free seat when it pulls into the next station.
John Aloy, O2 Telefonica



The IoT is set to be a core component of a city’s digital infrastructure, which can provide multiple benefits across sectors and services.   We are already seeing the impact in areas such as smart mobility and connected buildings in city projects around the world.

As is the case with all infrastructures, public funding can no longer cover the costs of delivery alone; and the emergence of viable business models around Smart City projects is now opening the window for private sector investment.

The Urban IoT Showcase at Smart IoT London represents a dynamic platform for constructive engagement across public and private sector stakeholders.   I am looking forward to sharing the insights that are emerging from the partnerships that Siemens has been developing with cities around the world as they develop their digital infrastructure and services.
Julie Alexander, Siemens



 “There is barely a sector where IoT is not having an impact and at thyssenkrupp, we are using it to redefine the norm in an industry that moves more than a billion people each day. We see IoT-driven technology as having the potential to provide huge benefits in the elevator market, especially in areas of rapid urban growth where the construction of high-rise buildings is driving up the demand for mobility equipment. Aside from improving efficiencies through connectivity, it is also helping to train engineers faster and better so that they are able to cope with the growing demands resulting from urbanization.

I am looking forward to sharing our story about using IoT to enable the shift to predictive maintenance services for elevators, and seeing the different ways other companies are using this technology to transform their business.”
Andreas Schierenbeck,



“Data analytics and citizen engagement will drive the coming transformation of urban services. Internet of Things platforms are connecting all relevant city stakeholders and providing quality information to design and deliver more efficient citizen-centric service models. Local authorities and service providers need to speak the IoT language through collaboration on experimentation and engagement with the global innovation ecosystem. Smart IoT London is a natural milestone for Ferrovial Services in this strategic and challenging journey.”
Inigo Jodra, Ferrovial



Mentis is a software company that focuses on concrete projects where IOT plays a central role, such as connected mobility, connected taxi, urban platforms of services. The Smart IOT event offers us an unprecedented forum for highlighting the most successful IOT uses cases. At Mentis, we are focused at identifying IOT projects that generate effective business and value for our clients, in a field which is still at its infancy and requires huge vigilance for doing the most at best value without engaging into costly infrastructures. Balancing efficiency and investments is a critical challenge in an emerging industry where technological possibilities are just unlimited, but where business models still need to be invented.  
Anne Lange, Mentis



The IoT is one of the biggest game-changers of our time. When companies capitalize on the convergence of the physical and digital worlds with innovative IoT and augmented reality technologies there is an enormous opportunity to achieve unprecedented business value.
Jim Heppelmann, CEO, PTC


My main interest is user experience. I’m curious about the possibilities offered by the IoT. Standards still need to be established, there needs to be further research. I’m here for the conference, the education is great. I want to know how to market my services in future! 
June Lim, User Experience Architect, Freelance Consultant


I’ve got a lot out of Smart IoT London. It’s all about the transformation of business – it’s the future. I’m here to learn more, speak to people, work out where it’s all heading. It’s been a really good day. 
Giancarlo Capone, Software Engineer, Carict, University of Naples


I’m here to look at smart cities and data, research the possibilities and look for new ideas. I’ve just spent an hour and a half listening to the healthcare panels in the Urban IoT Showcase. It’s helped me consolidate my thoughts – really valuable.
Ben Kaner, Head of Digital Strategy, NTC Partnership, North Tyneside Council / Engie UK


My company works on bespoke houses to support independent living. I’m here to look for technology and solutions which we can integrate. I’ve spoken to many exhibitors, it’s really interesting.
David Adams, Development Director, Camro DC


It’s been a fantastic day. I’ve been to Smart IoT London, Cloud Expo Europe and Cloud Security Expo. They are so well run and it’s easy to find my way around. I’m here to look at all the different angles – there’s an overload of ideas here! 
Feodora Rayner, Enterprise Facilitator, UCL

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