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24 Apr 2018

KoolZone & Do&Co Partnership

Steve Miller

KoolZone is delighted to announce a new partnership with DO & CO, The Gourmet Entertainment Company one of Europe’s most popular and successful Catering companies.


KoolZone is an early stage company, based out of London and Berlin, innovating cloud-based automated refrigeration monitoring systems for the food service sector, using advanced wireless and Cloud technology.


DO & CO are a leading Austrian catering company servicing many sectors, including Airline Catering, Event Catering, Restaurants, Lounges & Hotels offering its customers Gourmet feasts day by day.  Do & Co is a large organization with over 10,000 employers in 31 locations, operating in 11 countries on 3 continents; they ensure a high standard of service, so every event becomes unforgettable.  Reliability, Quality, World Class Service and flexibility are the cornerstones of the DO & CO brand.


Katharina Wollmann, Food Safety Manager for International Events, comments:

“We demand the highest quality and freshness for our products as well as the reliability of the technologies we use. The monitoring of our cooling chain is one of the most important aspects in our food production. With KoolZone our high-quality standard is monitored and controlled day and night, all according to HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)

 documented guidelines and we achieve a helpful level of orientation.  Installing KoolZone was quick and simple.  The intuitive user experience makes KoolZone a valuable investment”.


KoolZone’s advanced IoT wireless solution records refrigeration temperatures 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; it automatically notifies users if there are any temperature issues, and produces HACCP reports at the press of a button.  KoolZone is easy to install, incredibly simple to use and is a highly cost-effective way for food-service businesses to simplify monitoring.  The system is cloud-based, it requires no new electrical or communications changes, and can either operate standalone, or feed into HACCP safety compliance solutions.  In addition to food safety, the system can reduce costs & improve sustainability, minimizing food wastage due to fridge failure.  KoolZone can identify when refrigeration temperatures can be increased, delivering energy savings and lower carbon emissions.


“It is great to have Do & CO as a new KoolZone customer” said Steve Miller, CEO and Founder. “Our first two DO & CO sites are well known prestigious locations -  Malpensa Airport in Milan and Juventus Football Club.  We are delighted to be working with DO & CO, providing them with a valuable and cost-effective monitoring solution for their important food safety and compliance requirements”.

Steve Miller, KoolZone


To find out more about how KoolZone’s Refrigeration & Critical Point Monitoring Solution can help your business with Food Safety HACCP compliance, please visit us at www.koolzone.com or contact info@koolzone.com, or call +44 7710 908861.




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