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22 Jan 2019

An interview with Andrew Yeomans

Andrew Yeomans, CISO at ArQit will be speaking at this year’s Smart IoT, taking place at the ExCeL London March 12-13th.

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We are constantly reminded of the threats linked to the proliferation of insecure IoT devices and systems, how real is the risk and what are the key concerns to prioritise?

When looking at IoT, there are two main risks to consider - the risk to the data the IoT device itself uses, and the risk to other data and systems on the same network.

You need to have some estimate of the value at risk to prioritise well; some IoT data may be simply "nice to have", some might be costly, and it depends on the context. For example, temperature data might be used for an informative display, or might be used to control expensive heating systems. Businesses therefore need to ask what happens if this data is leaked or altered or lost, and would these devices potentially provide access to other systems.


What dangers can legacy networks and approaches present?

Systems connected to legacy networks can make the assumption that any device on the network ("within the perimeter") is trustworthy, and so may assume other systems on the network are fully authorized and authenticated. In consequence they might not perform the correct checks on any input requests, or may be configured using poor security practices.


For those looking to reap the benefits of IoT, what simple tips can you offer for ensuring safety?

Understand what is at risk, directly and indirectly. Make sure it is mitigated. If all connected systems implement a "Zero trust" architecture, mitigating the risk becomes simpler, without complex network segmentation.


Looking to the future, what challenges can we expect to arise in IoT and how will businesses be able to adapt?

Understanding what has been deployed in an organisation will always be a challenge. As IPv6 networks become more common, it becomes less feasible to perform full network inventory scans due to the larger number of addresses. Understanding how systems interact will also be more difficult, especially when parts of those systems live "in the cloud".


Businesses can adapt by deploying better CMDB inventory systems, which will be enhanced to understand dependencies and external components, together with some measures of device certification state and also business value, so that risks can be much better measured and managed.

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  • "Smart IoT has helped bring together a community of practitioners to talk about IoT and intelligent edge, develop new ideas and create networks. Smart IoT differentiates itself through excellent speakers talking on relevant topics and the quality of the delegates. I think every conversation has been valuable. First time I have run out of business cards by 3pm!"
    Intelligent Edge Lead, HPe
  • "Arrow see Smart IoT and Cloud Expo Europe as a strategic event where we have the opportunity to bring the entire force of Arrow’s business to a place with customers relevant to all of our divisions and show the scale and ability of our One Arrow strategy"
    CTO, Arrow
  • "The show is good, we were here last year and we’ve definitely been busier on our stand than we were. It’s been a good morning so far, it’s important for us to get across, not just our technology, but the company as a whole and we’re meeting with lots of different people from lots of different verticals so this is key. We’re already talking about about booking a stand for next year."
    Regional Sales Director UK & Ireland, Telit
  • "We were looking for return on investment on our stand and activities at Smart IoT, so we set our targets of how many strong contacts we needed to make at the show. The teams at Closerstill Media and KTN really got behind us and we exceeded our targets."
    CEO, SmartWorld Connect
  • "It’s our first time at the show – we’ve found it very illuminating – to see what the industry is doing and to see how fast the industry is moving. It’s enabled us to promote into new areas, into new people. And, still enabled us to have that understanding from the customer base of where Siemens is, and what we do and how we fit into the world of digitisation"
    Business Director Data Services- Siemens