Smart IoT



Co-Located With:

  • CCSE
  • BDW
  • BTW
  • CEE
  • DL
  • DCW

Co-Located With:

  • Cloud Security Expo
  • Big Data World
  • Blockchain
  • Cloud Expo Europe
  • DevOps
  • Data Centre World

Theatres and Topics

Smart IoT Keynote Theatre

This is where the big hitters deliver. Hear from global IoT thought leaders on where the market is going and what the current business opportunities are. Learn from the latest case studies and establish best practice.


Data Management & Integration Theatre

Combining data from disparate sources across technical infrastructure and business process, and transforming it into meaningful and valuable information is a challenge most businesses face. Data integration involves combining data residing in different sources and providing users with a unified view of this data. Offering the expertise of speakers from various industries sharing their own experiences in data integration and management, attendees will be able to easily relate to case studies and apply these learnings to their own work.

IOT Audience

System Integrators & Manufacturers Theatre

Where technology provides a tangible commercial output. This theatre looks at how component and multiple subsystems are brought together to function into one system. Organisations need a modular approach to building their IoT ecosystems to allow transformation to a common application. New functionalities need to add value from this to lead to large amounts of data becoming smart and providing actual value.

Security of Things Theatre

More devices connecting to the internet means increased potential for firewall breaches, and more pain... or does it? IoT promises to revolutionise the world, but how do we secure that connected world of devices and the data produced. This programme has one eye on the future, but the other is on the now, exploring the security of the Internet of Things, with real world case studies and insight from acclaimed experts in this new and innovative field of technology.

Smart Cities Highlight in partnership with Bristol

This programme is focused on bridging the knowledge gap between the complexities of technological innovation and the delivery of practical commercially viable services. The programme run will highlight the following broad areas of service delivery: Smart mobility; Utilities; Building technology and connected homes; Health and wellbeing. This will include case studies on how to build and operate an efficient city data market and create supporting tools so that the value of city data can be fully utilised.