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What's new


AI & Machine Learning Stream

Businesses are becoming more and more curious about the application and benefits of machine learning and artificial intelligence in enterprise – and so they should be! Whether using NLP, Computer vision or a range of AI techniques, here you can discover how you can find new trends and patterns from large and diverse data sets which can allow you to innovate, improve customer experience and automate business processes.

Featuring speakers including; Huma Lodhi - Lead Data Scientist - Direct Line Group, Silja Litvin - Founder - Psycapps, Ash Booth - Head of Artificial Intelligence - HSBC, Bertie Müller - Chair - Society for the study of Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour, Kostas Perifanos - Lead Machine Learning Engineer - Argos

Blockchain Stream

In the fast expanding, security-conscious digital ecosystem, blockchain is more than a buzzword, it’s a key ingredient. And the next big thing. Something that’s overhauling digital transactions everywhere, forging a new way of interacting and doing business. 
Are you ready to cut through the hype and benefit? There’s one place to find out how blockchain is relevant to you and where it will be explored, explained and exploited.

Featuring speakers including; Hans Lombardo - Blockpass, Genevieve Leveille - 0tentic8, René Bostic - IBM Cloud, Thorsten Peisl - Rise Technologies, Maria Tanjala - Bigcouch

Focus on GDPR Stream

With the GDPR deadline fast approaching, the regulation will provide unique challenges and opportunities to organisations using cloud services, come and learn how to be GDPR ready in our dedicated stream. 

Featuring speakers including; Chris Combemale - CEO - DMA Group, Krasina Mileva - COO - Dovu, Jeremy Lilley - Policy Advisor - TechUK

Diversity & Talent Stream

Diversity in the data industry is growing but still has a long way to go. Hear from industry academics and leaders talk about very latest and most pressing matters surrounding diversity and talent within today's data landscape. 

Featuring speakers including; Sue Daley - Head of Cloud, Data, Analytics and AI - TechUK, Dr Terri Simpkin - Higher & Further Education Principal - CNet Training, Marie-Claire Fenech - Head of Partnerships & Programme Manager - Next Tech Girls

Smart Cities Highlight in partnership with Bristol

This programme is focused on bridging the knowledge gap between the complexities of technological innovation and the delivery of practical commercially viable services. The programme run will highlight the following broad areas of service delivery: Smart mobility; Utilities; Building technology and connected homes; Health and wellbeing. This will include case studies on how to build and operate an efficient city data market and create supporting tools so that the value of city data can be fully utilised.

Unicorn Stream

Come and learn from leading and influential start-up companies that have successfully reached $1 billion valuation with the advancement of data, IoT and cloud technology. 

Featuring speakers from companies including; Apttus, Rentokil, Anaplan, Illumio, ForeScout